Beauty Tips
For a radiant and glowing face…!
If we are to have a beautiful face, we must have a pure mind. We should practice to keep our mind at peace. When we are peaceful Read more
For black lustrous hair …!
Hair plays an important part in the looks of a woman. Some women are lucky to have long tresses that fall below their waist. Not that all are lucky. Read more
To cope with the rainy season …!
Rainy season is the time when bacteria and virus spread more vigorously. We get different types of diseases during this season. Especially Read more
The elegant Sungudi saris …!
Madurai, an ancient town in Tamil Nadu has the pride of founding Tamil Sangams even before Christ was born. Sungudi cotton saris reflect Read more
For silky and crack free beautiful soles …
Mostly, women do not show much interest and concern in maintaining their soles; they are always concerned about their faces only. Read more
For beautiful eyes …!
Eyes render special looks to our face. When we talk to somebody, we talk looking at their eyes. They say that the face is the mirror of the mind. Read more
Fashion jewellery, embellishing the beautiful
There need be no doubt that fashion jewelry enhances the looks of any woman who wears them. It is no surprise that not only college.. Read more
Have luxurious hair through easy means …!
Both women and men are very particular about having thick and healthy care. Both make earnest efforts at maintaining their hair. Read more
Pure silk – the most favored timeless fabric
The name Kancheepuram immediately brings to one’s mind the gorgeous pure silk saris and the numerous temples that are reminiscent of our Read more
For an attractive face …!
Complexion plays a vital role in the beauty of the skin. It contributes a lot to our identity. Every one of us wants to have fair complexion. Read more
For a glowing skin …!
If we look at the mirror on returning home after an outing, we can see our face looking dull with dirt and sweat. Dark spots, acne and pimples Read more
Turn your home into a beauty parlor …!
They say that there’s no need to go to parlors to beautify us – we can do wonders from our home itself using natural ingredients! Read more