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Kalyanamalai Matrimonial Magazine- Beauty Tips - Fashion jewelry, embellishing the beautiful

There need be no doubt that fashion jewelry enhances the looks of any woman who wears them. It is no surprise that not only college students but even middle-aged women are crazy over them because they are available in varied colors to suit the color of the dresses. Also, fashion jewelry renders a youthful look to the wearer.

They say that apart from metals, navrathna stones and pearls, fashion jewelry is made using materials available in nature. Very attractive pieces are being made using shells, wood, fibers, jute, bamboo etc. Necklaces made of beads of various colors, bracelet and anklets flood the markets to meet the ever-increasing demand. Ceramic, plastic, brass and other metals, leather and fabric are also being used in the manufacture of fashion jewelry. Bangles made of copper and brass come in exquisite designs with marveling appeal. Of late, bangles made of resin are gaining popularity among young girls.

Earrings made of metals have great appeal to college going girls. Navrathnas, shells, metal beads, bones and teeth of some animals, glass beads and acrylic beads are used in the making of metallic earrings, rendering the pieces a covetable and modern look. Mogul necklace and choker are available in good designs. They come in two or three strands also. And, earrings to go with these chokers are also available in suitable designs.

Fashion jewelry, made of semi-precious stones are light-weight and is equally popular among women. And, jewelry on the model of those worn by tribals sells like hotcakes! They are mostly made of metals, beads and wood. Silver-plated jewelry is another favorite and most sought after. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc. are available in this type. This jewelry has a world-wide demand.

In West Bengal in India, mostly jewelry is made using terracotta and jute. Beads, necklaces, studs etc. are available in this type. Also jewels are made using bamboo. Bangles, bracelet, earrings, beads etc. are available in beautiful and exclusive designs. Fashion jewelry manufacturing is an industry where natural products are used to make beautiful items, at the same time promising good profit to the investors.

In India, artificial jewelry-making is a big industry, catering to not only local demand but also outside the country. Exports constitute a large portion of the manufactured lot. And, import of fashion jewelry from other countries to India is also in practice. The taste for fashion jewelry is increasing day by day. The very high rise in the price of ornamental gold may be an important factor for this situation.