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Kalyanamalai Matrimonial Magazine- Beauty Tips - For beautiful eyes

Eyes render special looks to our face. When we talk to somebody, we talk looking at their eyes. They say that the face is the mirror of the mind. Eyes reflect our feelings and thoughts. We can understand one’s thought by looking at his/her eyes. Beauty of the eyes is equally important as vision. To have healthy eyes, we must eat healthy food. Food containing more of Vitamin A, B and C is good for eyesight. Now, let us see how best we can maintain and enhance the beauty of our eyes …

Vegetables like carrot and celery and greens contain Vitamin A in large proportion. All green vegetables are good for health. We need eight hours sleep daily. Sufficient sleep keeps the eyes bright. We can splash cold water on the eyes. While sleeping, cotton dipped in lukewarm milk or decoction or rose water can be placed on our eyelids. It is not good to strain the eyes beyond reasonable limits. Particularly, we shouldn’t read under dim light because it would mean more strain to the eyes. Likewise, reading while traveling would also tire the eyes; it will affect not only the looks but also vision. While working on computers, the eyes do not wink often; this will also tire the eyes. Eyes should be given some rest in between while working on computer or reading. Whenever the eyes are strained, rest should be given in between. And, eyes should not be massaged with pressure.

There are some exercises for the eyes:

1. First look straight. Turn your eyes leftward. Then turn rightward. Repeat this for three or four times daily.

2. Look straight. Turn your eyes in a circular movement. Then turn anti-clockwise. Repeat this exercise for five times daily.

The beauty and health of the eyes do not stop with just correct diet and exercise. The beauty of the eyes can be accentuated by beautifying the eyelashes and drawing the eyebrows. Olive oil or coconut oil or almond oil can be applied lightly on the eyebrows and eyelashes. While applying make-up to the eyes, extreme care should be taken. First, take a soft brush with blunt hair. Then, apply the base color on the eyelids using the brush. Deep colors will add depth to the eyes. Then draw the lines on the eyelids and under the eyes using eyeliner. This will accentuate the size and shape of the eyes. Apply mascara on both the upper and lower eyelashes using the mascara brush to further beautify the eyes. Keep the eyes closed for a few minutes, the mascara will dry up. To remove mascara, cotton buds dipped in cosmetic cleaner should be used. Even if the eyes are small, eye make-up will help to some extent to make the eyes look larger. Foe large eyes, lines need not be drawn on the eyelids, mascara is enough. Eyebrows can be threaded to suit the shape of the face and the eyes. Thick eyebrows do not show the beauty of the eyes, thin eyebrows will be better. If the eyes are to look bright, good sleep and Vitamin-rich diet are very important. Eating healthy food and giving sufficient rest to the eyes will make your eyes sparkle!