Health Tips
Suryanamaskar for stable health
Suryanamaskar, part of yoga culture has been in practice since more than 6,000 years. In those days, gurukulavaasam Read more
Beauty, health... incomparable basis for life
Sun is the basic force for our life. We get all the energy through the potency of the sun. The heat in our body is called the solar energy Read more
Asanas render the mind peaceful
If we are able to keep the panchabhutas, the five elements at balance, we can lead a very healthy and peaceful life, says Dr. Himeswari. Read more
Greater care in winter
We should always be more careful during winter season. Especially, the children should be taken care of with extra attention. Read more
pregnant women care - Dr. Rajamaheshwari
Dr. Rajamaheshwari, professor, uro-gynecology, Madras Medical College talks about the latest advancement in gynecology... Read more
Can pregnant women bathe in hot water?
We hear elderly women talk about those old days when women used to undergo even ten deliveries without any effort! But today... Read more