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Suryanamaskar for stable health

Kalyanamalai Matrimonial Magazine- Health Tips - Suryanamaskar for stable health, yoga

Suryanamaskar, part of yoga culture has been in practice since more than 6,000 years. In those days, gurukulavaasam was in vogue and the students were taught Suryanamaskar.

For Suryanamaskar, we should get up at early morning. When we prostrate before the sun after bathing, wearing a clean dress, we inhale the fresh morning air. Our lungs are refreshed by this. First, stand erect with shoulders straight. Then, fold your hands in namaskara mudra. Relax your muscles. Head and hair should not be tied tight. All parts of the face and body should also be in a relaxed state. Now, you can start the yogasana. There are 12 different asanas in Suryanamaskar. There are 12 mantras too. Asana means erect posture. You should do every asana slowly with perfection. Suryanamaskar strengthens the muscles and improves both the mental and physical health. There are four parts for each asana. You can practice pranayama for 10 to 15 minutes as part of the Suryanamaskar. Now, let us see the 12 steps in the Suryanamaskar:

Step one

Stand erect and fold both your hands as doing namaskar. Close your eyes and chant in your mind 'Om Mithraya namaha'. Breathing should be normal.

Step two

Raise the arms upward while standing. The hands should remain close to the head and the ears. Draw your stomach inwardly and stay. Inhale and chant in your mind 'Om Ravaye namaha'.

Step three

Bend forward and put your palms on the feet and touch the knee joints with your forehead and stay. Inhale deeply. Chant in your mind 'Om Suryaya namaha'.

Kalyanamalai Matrimonial Magazine- Health Tips - Suryanamaskar for stable health, yoga

Step four

Sit with your legs folded and move one leg back away from the body in a wide backward step. Raise your head and inhale. Chant in your mind 'Om Bhanave namaha'.

Step five

Move your feet backward and put them firmly on the ground, move your hands forward and put them firmly on the ground. Raise your back. Inhale deeply and chant in your mind 'Om Gakaya namaha'.