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Asanas render the mind peaceful

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If we are able to keep the panchabhutas, the five elements at balance, we can lead a very healthy and peaceful life, says Dr. Himeswari. The vital energies are water, earth, fire, air and ether. The panchabhutas govern our body, dividing it into parts.

The central part of our body is called mooladhara. This center is situated in between the tail of the spinal cord and anus. This absorbs the universal energy and helps its use in all parts of the body. This energy helps maintain the spinal cord in its form, keep the mind balanced, and strengthen and stabilize the body. Swathisthanam is the part around the waist. This is water energy. The function of reproductive organs and the power of the brain are based on this energy. Maniporakam is the part around the naval. This is based on the energy of fire. This helps digestion. If this energy is disturbed, digestion is affected leading to constipation, disinterest etc. Anahadham has its center at the chest. This acts with air as it base. It helps proper functioning of the lungs and heart. Vishuddhi is placed in the throat. This acts with ether as its base. This helps proper functioning of our voice and glands like thyroid. The panchabhutas are connected with the mind. They are responsible for the functioning of the mind, its capacity and thoughts. The mind has the capacity to grasp everything. The energy that helps the mind function to its best is called Aagna.