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Greater care in winter

Kalyanamalai Tamil Matrimonial weekly Magazine- Health Tips - Greater care in winter

We should always be more careful during winter season. Especially, the children should be taken care of with extra attention. Foods that have cooling effect should also be avoided, says Dr. R. Sivaraman, sidha doctor.

We require greater immunity in our body during the winter. Particularly problems like asthma, arthritis, problems connected with the nervous system, skin diseases will be more pronounced during this season. As we do not get enough sunlight during winter, our resistance power is decreased. Pepper should be included in the diet of the children without fail during this season. This will ensure protection from cough and cold. Fries, cool drinks and cold food direct from the refrigerator should be avoided. The leaves of thoothuvalai can be added to the rasam, prepared for lunch to prevent cold and cough. Manathakkali vatral is also very good for health. Dried ginger (sukku), pepper and vaivitangam should be ground together into powder and jaggery be added to this mixture. Then the mixture can be boiled with water and filtered. This decoction can be taken once in a week. It is very good to munch one or two leaves of herbal plants like omavalli and karpooravalli in the morning in empty stomach. Those who frequently get cold or cough or suffer from wheezing can make neerkovai tablets (available at sidha outlets) into powder and apply them as patru on their forehead. Also, they can have oil bath with sukku thailam once in a week. Or, they can take thoothuvalai lehyam or vaasaathi lehyam for 45 days to get relief from cold and cough.

Some children will have tonsillitis problem. If neglected, it would lead to puss. At this stage, surgery can be the only option. But, if it is treated at the beginning stage itself, the problem can be solved. Kanda avizhtham, prepared with athimathuram is a very good medicine for this problem. Asthmatic problems aggravate during cold seasons. Milaku kalpam is the best medicine for them. During winter, instead of coffee, we can take the decoction prepared from musumusukkai and karisilankanni leaves together. This helps the respiratory tract function easily. Thippili rasayanam, taken both in the morning and night for one month is a very good cure for asthma. Custard seed oil can be used to cure or prevent cracks on the soles and also dry skin. Skin diseases and eczema can be treated with arugan oil.

Food with acidic taste and fruits like lemon and orange should be avoided during winter. For those affected with psoriasis, the impact will be more severe during winter. The skin will be affected more. Scales will fall from those parts whereever the bone is prominent. They should consult a sidha doctor immediately and take treatment. Arthritis problem also intensifies during winter season. The membrane in between the joints swells due to the cold and gets enlarged. This leads to disruption in the movement of the joints and results in joint pain. If we take more care in our diet during the cold season, we can very easily avoid problems, says Sivaraman, the sidha doctor.