Health Tips

How to maintain the teeth?

Q: Is there no other way except extraction?

A: The decay first occurs at the enamel. The symptom at this stage is the appearance of black dots or lines on the affected tooth. We should consult a dentist immediately. If we don’t go to the dentist and ignore the condition, the bacteria will affect dentin next. At this stage, the tooth becomes sensitive at the touch of cold water, sweet or acidic taste. If this condition is also left untreated, then pulp will have to be replaced with a synthetic matter. If the bones have also been affected by bacteria, tooth pulp treatment can be done. If it is not possible, there’s no other option except extraction of the tooth.

Q: What is meant by teeth realignment?

A: If the teeth are set in a proper row, then, apart from the cosmetic effect, cleaning becomes easier. If the teeth are set irregularly, brushing becomes a bit difficult. For children with thumb sucking habit, teeth might become protracted. For such people, teeth realignment becomes necessary. There are experts in this procedure. They realign the teeth using orthodontic appliances like correction wires. There are permanent wires and removable wires. Permanent wires correct the formation however much bad-shaped it might be. It is better to wear these wires at the age of 13 years. They should be worn at an early age to get maximum results.

Q: If the teeth are broken in accidents or if they lose their color and become black in course of time, what should be done?

A: When the tip of the tooth alone is broken, only the enamel is affected. If the damage is bigger, then there’s the possibility of the dentin also being damaged. Or, the entire tooth might come out. A dentist should be consulted immediately. The broken pieces of the tooth should be put in milk in a bottle and taken to the doctor within half an hour of the incident. If we do not go to the dentist, then, the blood vessels in the tooth would decay and lose life. The tooth becomes dark in color.

Q: What is the reason for bad breath?

A: Bad breath is caused by poor maintenance of teeth. If the coating on the teeth is left unclean, bad breath may occur. Diabetics and those with kidney problems and mouth cancer will have bad breath. If the teeth are well maintained, bad breath will not occur.

Q: How to maintain teeth?

A: It is good to brush the teeth twice daily. The brush used should be soft. For those with teeth placed wide apart, the possibility of food particles staying in between the teeth is more. They can use floss to remove them. If the teeth are kept clean and maintained properly, no problem would arise. Bright teeth always add to your looks, make you look younger!