Health Tips

What are the benefits if smoking is discontinued …?

Q: How to get over the smoking habit?

A: Smokers should first realize that they are doing harm not only to their own health but that they are harming also others who sit or stand near them.

First stage

a. First you should autosuggest that you should quit smoking.

b. You should believe that you have taken a wise decision and that the decision heralds a healthy life in future for you.

c. Choose a date for quitting smoking; the day should come within two weeks.

d. The day on which you’ll be quitting smoking should be a day without tension. The very thought that you are giving up smoking will make you tense and perturbed and, this condition itself might make you go back on your decision.

e. It will be easier if a group of people take a vow to quit this habit.

f. Tell your friends and relatives about your decision to give up smoking. They’ll help you by encouraging you and giving you support.

Second stage

a. Throw away your lighter or match box and ash tray.

b. Take care that you don’t come into contact with cigarette or with those who smoke.

c. If you smoke holding the cigarette in your right hand, then use the left hand and vice versa.

d. Do not go near the shop where you buy your cigarettes.

e. Meet frequently those friends who do not smoke.

f. Whenever you feel like smoking, start doing something else.

g. Learn yoga and meditation that help prevent depression.

h. Daily reaffirm to yourself at least ten times that you are quitting smoking.

i. Believe firmly that you’ll be able to do all your work properly even if you do not smoke, because many men wrongly believe that their efficiency and capacity to do things are due to smoking.

If tempted to smoke again …?

a. You can find other entertainments.

b. Try chewing gum.

c. Do meditation or exercise.

d. Meet the person who had already quit smoking or the person who advised you on quitting smoking.

e. Remember the benefits that would accrue from giving up smoking.

f. Or remind yourself of the risks that you would be inviting by resuming the habit.