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How to maintain the teeth?

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The teeth emphasize or decrease one’s beauty to a great extent. To get white, pearly teeth, proper maintenance is necessary. For some, the color of the teeth will be dull. It is enough if they keep their teeth clean. Dr. Thayappan, dentist, replies to our queries on the maintenance, cleaning etc. of teeth …

Q: What are the reasons for diseases of the teeth?

A: Basically, the teeth are being affected in two ways. The teeth might be affected by bacteria or by gum-related diseases of unhealthy gums. Bacteria thrive on the coating on the teeth. If we don’t clean our teeth properly, this coating would start affecting the teeth. Tooth consists of enamel, dentin and pulp. When the bacteria adhere to the surface of the teeth, the enamel is affected. If it is not properly rectified, the dentin is affected. Finally, where the decay has reached the pulp, the tooth loses its strength fully along with the nerves and blood vessels in that portion, leading to pain, necessitating root canal treatment. There’ll not be any symptom if the enamel alone is affected. But when the dentin is affected, the tooth becomes sensitive. When tartar accumulates, it affects the gums and causes gingivitis. Bleeding occurs while brushing. Treatment will be required to rectify this condition.

Q: Are there specific methods for brushing the teeth?

A: You should not brush the teeth with a closed mouth. The mouth should be open while brushing. The impurities that fall into the mouth during brushing will be removed when we rinse the mouth with water.

Q: How to inculcate the interest to clean the teeth in children?

A: Only after the appearance of four or five teeth, the children need brushing. Initially, brushing can be done without using paste. When the child grows old enough to learn to spit the paste, brushing can be done with paste. Children usually like sweet pastes. To infuse interest to brush teeth, we can make children watch advertisements on television in which children are shown brushing their teeth. Also, we can make them brush while narrating stories to them. We can educate them through stories or songs on tooth problems that can occur due to negligence.

Q: For some, teeth fall at early age itself, why?

A: Due to genetic problem, this might happen. Or it might be due to poor maintenance. You should not shake the teeth. Tooth should not be extracted when it is not shaky.