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Asanas render the mind peaceful

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The topmost part of our head is connected with the supernatural. It is called Sahasraram. If this energy functions correctly, godly feeling, ecstatic state, godly love, self-realization etc. will happen. If this doesn't function properly, we'll have lack of interest, loneliness, depression, mental disease, worry etc. The color of Sahasraram is violet. If Aagna sakthi functions properly, we'll be very good in intelligence, imagination, wisdom, views etc. If not, we'll have lack of concentration and interest, mental derangement, lack of intelligence etc. The color is dark violet. If Vishuddhi sakthi functions properly, we’ll have the talent of creation and good expression. If not, we’ll have dullness, hesitation to express things etc. The color is blue. Anahadham improves qualities like kindness, love and contented state. If this sakthi is afflicted, there’ll be lack of kindness, sorrow, lack of courage to oppose etc. The color is green. If Manipoorakam functions properly, we’ll be very good in intelligence, thinking, aim, decision taking capacity etc. If not, greed, doubt, guilty conscience, anger, annoyance etc. will be there. The color is yellow. If Swadhishtanam is at its best, patience, capacity to bear misfortune, self-confidence etc. will be there. If not, qualities like cheating, worry, fear will be more pronounced. The color is orange. If Mooladhara sakthi is proper, feeling of security and stability will be there. If not, deep sleep, depression, and instability will be more prominent.

Therefore, if our panchabhutas function to their best, we can lead a very good life. Asanas help us get these energies in their full form. Padmasana, artha Padmasana, Sidhasana, Sidhayoni asana, Dhyana veerasana, Vajrasana and Veerasana are the asanas that help us in this regard. It is always good to learn the asanas from a Yogasana teacher, says Dr. Himeswari.