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Sugar level can be controlled by just 30 - minute daily walk …!

Kalyanamalai Matrimonial Magazine- Health Tips - Sugar level can be controlled by just 30 - minute daily walk

Type2 diabetes occurs mainly due to genetic factors. If a person has this condition, surely, both or one of his parents must have had diabetes. Or, a very close blood relation might have been diabetic. For those, affected by Type2 disorder, insulin production would not have been totally stopped, it will be only insufficient. This condition can be diagnosed through blood test. The doctor will prescribe him tablets that improve the capacity of the pancreas to produce more insulin. For some, they’ll have to take insulin injections too.

Genetic factors, lifestyle, obesity, environment, tension, lack of exercise are among the main causes for diabetes. During pregnancy, if sugar intake is not controlled, diabetes might occur. Among those with overweight, those with paunch run greater risk. Excess fat on the waist is also not good. So, weight should be kept under control.

Today, transplantation of pancreas is under research. Diabetes does not give any trouble if kept under control. Daily walk for 30 minutes will greatly help the sugar level remain under control. Previously, diabetics were expected to follow many restrictions in their food habits. But nowadays, it is enough if they avoid sugar. Balanced diet is good for everybody. But, if this disorder is not controlled, vision, heart, kidneys, nerves in the legs etc. will be affected. So, the diabetics should take care to check their sugar level periodically and ensure that it is kept under control.