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Sugar level can be controlled by just 30 - minute daily walk …!

Kalyanamalai Matrimonial Magazine- Health Tips - Sugar level can be controlled by just 30 - minute daily walk

The 15-year old boy creates sympathy in everyone’s mind when he asks whether he cannot live without insulin injections. There are many, like this young boy, struggling to live with the help of medicines and injections. Is there any solution for this unenviable situation? Let us hope that a solution will be found soon.

It has been estimated that globally, around 200 million people have been affected by diabetes. It is feared that if the situation is not brought under control, then, before 2025, the figure will shoot up to 299.1 million. In India alone, 30 million people are diabetic, it has been found. Out of this, 9% live in towns while 3% are in villages. Research is still going on for permanent cure of this disease. Dr. V. Balaji, diabetes specialist, Apollo Hospitals, talks about this disease, the causes and more …

The major causes for diabetes are genetic factor, obesity, changes in food habits and some other things. Diabetes is not a disease, it is a disorder. There are two types – Type1 and Type2. Though mostly, children and young persons get the Type1 problem, sometimes, even elders do get it. Previously, it was believed that those under 30 years got this Type1 condition but today this concept is no more valid. This type of diabetes occurs because there is abnormal secretion of some hormones in blood that act as antagonists to insulin, resulting in the total stoppage of insulin production. Those with Type1 condition cannot live without insulin injection, they have no other option. This type does not occur due to genetic factors.