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Not that everyone will get ulcer …!    Dr. C. V. Aruna Subhashini

Siddha herbal medicine for ulcer

If you experience pain at the point where the stomach and intestines join, the ulcer can be treated by resorting to endoscopy in allopathic therapy and by vilva fruit lehyam in Siddha therapy.

Kalyanamalai Matrimonial Magazine- Health Tips - Not that everyone will get ulcer

Treatment for ulcer at the beginning stage

1. Take two idlis and one cup of milk for breakfast. And, take half teaspoonful of cumin seed powder.

2. After lunch, drink buttermilk to which amla fruit powder is added.

3. In the evening, take two pinches of sangu bhaspam, two pinches of padikara senthuram as per the advice of your Siddha doctor.

4. Include Karisalai thuvaiyal, plantain flower churnam in your diet frequently.

5. After dinner, take half teaspoonful of thriphala churnam or fried fenugreek powder in water.

Clean intestine, clean body

Do Bhavanamuktasana in empty stomach. Spread a bed sheet on the floor and lie down straight. Fold your right knee and hold it with both your hands. Raise slowly and try to touch your knee with your nose or forehead and stay in the position for twenty seconds. Return to the original posture. Repeat the steps with your left knee. Then, lie straight and turn to your left and get up. This asana is part of Pathanjali yoga.

Regimen as per Siddha philosophy

Should get up at 5 a.m. and brush the teeth using the roots of Naayuruvi plant. Early morning walk covering a distance of one mile is a must. After taking bath, should take a mixture of basil leaves juice (2 drops) and green camphor (1 pinch) with one cup of water and should remain without eating anything for one hour. The ‘theertham’ distributed to the devotees at Perumal temples is very good. In its place, rose petals (10 numbers) can be chewed and water to which turmeric powder has been added can be drunk. Coffee and tea should be avoided. Should be in touch with good people daily for at least ten minutes and should listen to their advice.

All these things will ensure a very healthy life and drive away fear of ulcer.