Numerology         By Dr. J. N. S. Selvan

Change your name for a bright future …!

Kalyanamalai Magazine - Numerology- Change your name for a bright future …!

How could the person whose name has been changed know that the name-change has brought him fortune?

Those who are already in a state of utter confusion can surely feel and realize the positive changes. Their health will improve, they’ll feel courageous and happy events will follow. Those who help others but do not get reciprocal results will get very good results shortly after name change. Even people, who had not thus far cared even to talk to them, would now volunteer help. And, relatives who were inimical till then would now voluntarily become friends. There’ll be sudden elevation in profession; home loans, vehicle loans etc. will become available now. Marriage will materialize suddenly to their full satisfaction. Like this, so many things would be taking place one after another.

In everyone’s life, there’ll be a period of elevation. Many ordinary people have been elevated to higher status. Imagine a room with a comfortable cot, air-conditioner, television etc. But, only if you open the door and enter the room, you can enjoy all these comforts. If you do not open it, in spite of having the key, then, what is the use? Numerology is the key (Mathematics) to your elevation. Those, who have already compatible numbers, need not consult anybody for fortune. For them, everything will fall in place automatically. Nature has given numerology for those unfortunate ones whose lives can be improved with its help. The British genius who proved this science as a boon to mankind was a doctor with three M. D. degrees in medicine. So, numerology should not be dismissed as mere number-game.