Numerology         By Dr. J. N. S. Selvan

Change your name for a bright future …!

Kalyanamalai Magazine - Numerology- Change your name for a bright future …!

During one of my programs on television, a gentleman called Nagarajan spoke to me from Madurai. He sounded very educated and wise. He accused me of misleading people by encouraging their blind beliefs that have no logic or scientific basis. He said that my claim that a person’s life could be changed by changing his name and writing the same on a paper, facing a particular direction was sheer nonsense. I asked him for his address and he gave me the details. When I asked him how could I identify him and asked him jokingly whether his name would be there on his forehead, he was angered and shot back saying how could a name appear on its own on anybody’s forehead and that any name could be found only on certificates (papers). Then, I explained to him that paper plays an important role in the life of everybody, right from the President to the man standing in the queue to buy his rations. He was convinced and he became a very close friend of mine.

Another gentleman by name Mahendran came to me telling that he had problems in everything including marriage. He gave me 21.3.1977 as his birth date. When I asked him to confirm the date, he was annoyed. He asked me angrily how he could not know his own birthday. I changed his name to get the numeral 45. After 25 days, he came to me with another person. The other person told me that Mahendran had his name changed by me but that after that incident he was admitted to a hospital for boils all over his body and that around Rs. 50,000 had to be spent. They had checked up his birth date which he gave to me. Actually, he had been born on 20.3.1977 and not on 21 March as had been wrongly given to me by him. His changed numeral was 45. His birth date numeral was 2. These two numbers are totally incompatible with each other.

When he signed his changed name which had the numeral 45 as its number, his body had become heated resulting in boils. I do not offer advice without confirming the birth date. And, that’s why I asked Mahendran to confirm his birth date. Then, I changed his name to suit his correct birth date. Today, he is in a very high position and status.