Imayam - Chapter 1        By Meera Nagarajan

The Himalayas, the mind-blowing marvel …!

Kalyanamalai Matrimonial Magazine- Imayam - Chapter-1 - The Himalayas, the mind-blowing marvel …!

The Himalayas is not remembered just as our frontier, we believe it is God’s abode!

We decided that only train journey will give us all the joy. The two days in the train were filled with fun, tasty food etc. On landing in Delhi, we were received by a representative of the travel agency, who took us to a decent and good hotel. I prayed to God that no inconvenience should occur till we finish our tour and that all my relatives who had accompanied us should feel happy and comfortable. But it is always God’s childlike wish to delay His grace!

We went out for site-seeing on 2 October in Delhi. The next day was new moon day. A bath in the Ganges River on the new moon day is considered very auspicious. We decided to leave for Hardwar at 5 a. m. the next day for Ganges bath. Our guide Iyavu promised to come at 4.30 a. m. itself along with a cook. I asked for his mobile number. He said that as he didn’t have one, he would give the number of the driver Sanjay Singh. We were all ready by 4.30 a. m. But the car was not there outside. The driver’s mobile had been switched off. The car didn’t come even when it was 10 a. m. I prayed to all Gods. But my prayer was not granted.

Did we have Gangasnaanam on the new moon day or not?