Imayam - Chapter 1        By Meera Nagarajan

The Himalayas, the mind-blowing marvel …!

Kalyanamalai Matrimonial Magazine- Imayam - Chapter-1 - The Himalayas, the mind-blowing marvel …!

The Himalayas is not remembered just as our frontier, we believe it is God’s abode!

When we come across advertisements of tour operators, luring people to join their yatra to the Himalayas ...when we are captivated by the photographs of the majestic Himalayas in different books …when we hear our relatives and friends talk about the splendor and the enchanting beauty of the Himalayas …we are sure to get an uncontrollable urge to go to the Himalayas to see its unbelievable beauty and majesty in person and to feel and enjoy the calm, pure ambience of the place.

The journey was getting postponed due to practical reasons like school education, job, suitable season etc., etc. When we see Mother Nature as an expression of spirituality apart from her inherent beauty, we experience something more than mere joy. The Himalayas is not remembered just as a frontier to our country or just as an ice mountain from where many perennial rivers flow. We believe that God resides there on the Himalayas.

I happily undertook the task of translating the English travelogue “Namasthe India”. The bewitching beauty of the Himalayan hills spanning Kulu, Manali, Ninital, Dehradun, Mussouri, Rishikesh etc., their soothing climate and the green envelope described in that series compelled me to take the decision that I should no longer postpone my trip to the Himalayas, the marvel of Nature. It was decided to undertake the journey in the first week of October. Relatives from my side as well as from my husband’s side all jumped at the idea and expressed their eagerness to join us in the pilgrimage. The total strength of the group came to 28, starting from the six-month old Madhav to the 88-year old Rajalakshmi paatti, with 20 elders and 8 children! We decided to go to Delhi and proceed to the Himalayas from there. We contacted a travel agency, known to us for years. They offered all possible help.