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No need to bother about joint pain …!

Kalyanamalai Matrimonial Magazine- Health Tips - No need to bother about joint pain …!

All living creatures including human beings have bones as the basis for their structure. Bones are very powerful part of our body. They are mainly responsible for our movements like sitting, standing, walking, bending etc. They are made of protein and minerals in equal proportion. We should include these nutrients in our diet in the required proportion. Children should be given nutritious food from their early days to have strong bones in the future.

Joint pain is the most common problem among the people in our country. When the bones in the joints wear out, we feel the impact as pain. It is a natural occurrence in old age; women suffer this condition after 45 years when they attain menopause. Apart from old age, malnutrition is a cause for the wearing out of the bones. The problem is more pronounced in our country when compared to any other country in the world, says Dr. Vijay C. Bose, orthopedic surgeon, Apollo Hospitals.

When we get pain at the joints, we massage eucalyptus oil on the area and get temporary relief. But today, medicine has advanced to a great extent and drugs have been discovered to deal with this problem on a permanent basis. Regular exercise and nutritious food would prevent wearing out of the bones to a great extent. Calcium rich foods like green vegetables and milk should be included in our diet without fail. Growing children and women should take two cups of milk daily.