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Have Healthy Food Habits to Protect Your Teeth and More

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Eat Whole Grains

Scientific enquiries have found that regular eating of whole grains keep teeth healthier in addition to maintaining your heart healthy and preventing diabetes. It is found that those who eat at least three servings of whole grains every day unlikely to have periodontitis or gum inflammation problem. Some of the whole-grains include rice, sorghum, barley, corn, oats, and wheat.

Fruits and Vegetables cleanses your teeth

Tender and brittle fruits such as apple, carrots and celery help to clean the teeth. They do the work of a tooth-brush in cleaning the teeth when you bite and chew them. The fruits with rich fiber content clean and brighten the teeth. Though eating of a whole apple after every food helps you to clean your mouth, you must take precautions to wash the acid and sugar from coating your teeth gargling your mouth.

Food rich with Calcium Strengthens teeth

Getting calcium directly from the food you intake instead of from tablets helps in building health teeth and bones. Especially people above the age of 50 needs around 1200 mg of calcium every day to have teeth with strong gums. Our every day calcium rich food items include dairy products such as cheese, curd and milk, nuts such as almonds, flax seeds and green leafy vegetables such as turnip. Make it a practice to regularly eat those normal vegetables and leafy vegetables, which can be consumed raw. Always clean your mouth after taking sugar-coated food items, ice cream and chocolate. Don't take tobacco or its related products such as panparag, gutka and others. Never avoid drinking too hot or too cold drinks.
Eat right foods and follow mouth hygiene to keep your teeth intact.

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