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A real complete food will have all the six tastes

Kalyanamalai Magazine, Health Tips, A real complete food will have all the six tastes


Salty is one taste that makes or mars a food preparation. The taste if goes in excess will make the food unfit for consumption and if it is not there still it will disqualify the food from consumption. The taste induces digestion, makes the tissues supple with proper lubrication, maintains mineral balance in body and above all improves the taste of any food. The taste is available in the form of natural salt, sea vegetables.


Sour taste improves the taste of any food preparation, but any excess of it will affect teeth, induce itching sensation, blood pressure and burning sensation at the throat. The taste is useful to strengthen the nerves and increase the appetite. It gives strength to the heart, maintains acidity level in the body, help to have focused senses and enables deriving of minerals such as iron from the food we consume. The taste is available in lemon, sour cream, cheese and curd and yogurt.


Sweet taste is known for giving energy to your mind and vitality to your body. Sweet food products when consumed more will increase body weight and help in building the body tissues such as reproductive fluids, bone marrow, bones, body muscles, fat, blood and plasma.The taste is also known for its thirst quenching properties and comforting effect on mucous membranes and burning sensations. It also increases the saliva secretion in the month. The taste also sweetens the voice and improves the growth of skin and hair.

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