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Lemon, the secret of fair skin ...!

Kalyanamalai Matrimonial Magazine- Beauty Tips - Lemon, the secret of fair skin …!

Fruits play an important role in improving the texture as well as the color of the skin. Particularly fruits in orange, red, yellow and pink colors help improve the glow of the skin both through consumption and external application of their juices on the skin. Lemon, which tops the list is the secret of the beauty of many women, we can say with confidence.

Lemon can be used in different ways. Let us see its various applications:

For soft skin

Crush plantain well and add a few drops of lemon to it. Mix it well and apply the same on the face, neck and arms. Leave on for a few minutes and wash off. You can feel the difference to your surprise.

For dry skin

Add one teaspoonful of honey to one teaspoonful of coconut oil or any vegetable oil. Add quarter teaspoonful of lemon juice to it. Apply the mixture on the hands, joints and toes and wherever the skin is dry. Leave on for ten minutes. Wash off. Repeat the process as frequently as possible. The dry skin will turn soft in course of time.

For freshness of the skin

Lemon juice – 3 tsp

Honey – 3 tsp

Cooked and mashed cabbage – ½ tsp

Make a mixture of all the ingredients and apply the same on the face, neck, hands etc. Leave on for ten minutes and wash off with cold water. You’ll feel fresh and youthful!

For black spots on the face

Soak almonds in water and remove the skin. Grind it to make a paste. Add the white portion of the egg and ½ teaspoonful of lemon juice to it and apply the mixture on the face and neck. Leave on for twenty minutes and then wash off. If you keep repeating the process frequently, the black spots will disappear.

For oily skin

Turmeric powder – ½ tsp

Lemon juice – 2 tsp

Papaya mash – 3 tsp

Mix the ingredients and prepare a paste. Apply the same on the face and leave on for twenty minutes. Then wash off. You’ll be excited to see your glowing and soft skin!

For bright teeth

Add salt and cooking soda to one half of a lemon and clean the teeth using the same. The teeth will become whiter and brighter. Also, it drives away any foul smell in the mouth.