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Want to have soft and silky feet ?

Kalyanamalai Matrimonial Magazine- Beauty Tips - Want to have soft and silky feet ?

Everyone wants to look beautiful, right from face to toes. Lucky ones are born with fair complexion. But if we look at their soles, they might have cracks. The reason for this is dryness and lack of moisture. It is only in our hands to accentuate our looks and whatever plus points we have. Our legs and feet require more attention as they collect dirt more easily than the other parts of our body. Beauticians say that even minor injuries on legs should not be ignored and should be treated immediately.

How to maintain feet?

Always wear slippers while walking to prevent injuries to the feet. We should teach our children also to wear slippers whenever they walk. It is not advisable to wear the same shoes daily. While buying footwear, its quality and suitability should be checked and ensured. Socks should be washed daily and unwashed socks should not be worn. While selecting them, we should check up whether the material contains 70 % cotton. As cotton absorbs sweat, the feet and the legs can be free of sweat and smell.

Diabetics should take care of their feet because blood circulation may not be proper in their leg portion. Also, even minor injuries or sores on legs could aggravate into serious ones and can affect the legs themselves seriously. So, diabetic patients should maintain their legs according to the instructions given by their doctor. Massage is also recommended for improving blood circulation in these parts. They say that the feet are the parameters for a person’s health. Life span of an individual can be extended to the extent he takes care of his feet.