Siddhas are with us, Chapter- 1    By Hanumaddhasan

Siddhas do things that even the Lord had not done

Siddhas are with us ...! Chapter - 1, kalyanamalaimagazine

Have you ever been to Saturagiri or Podhigai or Kolli hill? If so, you can consider yourself fortunate. You can rest assured that you have had the blessings of the siddhas. The destiny of anyone will change for the better if he has had the blessings of a siddha. Siddhas do things that even the Lord had not done. This is really a great thing happening with the blessings of the Lord! The Lord wishes certain things to be accomplished by the siddhas, His messengers! In ancient times, God appeared before some selected humans and blessed them with deliverance from their miseries. But, this is Kaliyug. God will not appear before anybody, but, He helps His devotees through siddhas. If we pray to a particular siddha earnestly, our prayers are granted by the Lord through that particular siddha. There are many siddhas even today, with supernatural powers. It is believed that there are around 85,000 siddhas present in India.

Out of these 85,000 siddhas, 18 are considered as outstanding. And, these 18 are under the direction of sage Agasthya. And, there are powerful siddhas like Pathanjali, Sattainatha,Sundaranantha, Gorakkar, Kongana, Kamalamuni, Bogar, Idaikkadar, Pampatti siddha,Dhanvanthri, Ramadeva, Thirumoola, Thembaiyar, Machamuni, Kakapujanda, Uromamuni and Kavangirinatha. They are moving around the country as a jivan. How do they come, in what form they come, when will they come? Nobody can tell. But it is an irrefutable truth that all these siddhas are with us even today!