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Believe … you’ve the medicine in yourself for your diseases

Kalyanamalai Matrimony Magazine - Health Tips - Believe … you’ve the medicine in yourself for your diseases

The advancement in medicine today is beyond anybody’s comprehension. But still … incurable diseases … no solution … we’ve to accept our fate … is there a future …? This is the line of thought today. Stem cell therapy is the answer for all these apprehensions. Life Cell International is the first commercial bank for stem cells in India. The organization is the one that banks the maximum number of stem cells. Now, research is being done on whether stem cells from menstrual blood will be useful in the treatment of diseases. Mayur Abhaya, executive director of Life Cell International says that branches of menstrual blood cells will be opened in all the important cities in October.

It is hoped that women suffering from diabetes, heart problems, nervous problems, spinal cord problems etc. can be treated using stem cells obtained from their own menstrual blood. Their parents, siblings and children can also be treated with these stem cells, researchers say. It is really an achievement in the field of medicine that the menstrual blood of women can be used as an effective therapy. Women usually consider monthly period an inconvenient phase. But, hereafter, there’s no need to feel like that, instead they can boast of themselves as possessing the core matter for treating any disease!

The lining of the womb begins to increase in thickness to prepare for reproduction after the end of the monthly period. But when conception has not taken place, the lining is no longer stimulated; the lining detaches and flows through vagina along with blood. This is part of the reproductive cycle, there’s nothing to feel loathsome about it. It has been found that menstrual blood contains more number of stem cells and that the cells possess the same qualities of cells in bone marrow and umbilical cord. Life Cell International is involved in banking menstrual blood with the noble aim of treating people suffering from various diseases. The method of collecting menstrual blood is very easy and very safe also. Women can collect the blood at their home itself in the cup designed specifically for the purpose. The cup can be used in the same manner as sanitary napkin. They are made leak-proof. The cup will have the capacity to collect blood over hours. The blood should be deposited at the Life Cell Bank with the help of the collection kit. The cells obtained from the menstrual blood are preserved at – 190 degree in the specifically designed preservation containers. The cells can be stored for more than twenty years even! Mayur Abhaya was very happy when he said that in future, the menstrual blood cell treatment would be a breakthrough in the treatment of diseases.

Menstrual blood cells obtained from young women will be very healthy. So, all young women should be prepared to play an important role in the history of stem cell therapy. Those, nearing menopause, shouldn’t waste time and should deliver their menstrual blood at the nearest cell bank as it would be of great use even to them in the future. Let us welcome this novel therapy that would usher in an era of complete relief from worry over diseases.