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Is your decayed tooth giving trouble ?    Dr. Thayappan

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Decayed tooth always gives trouble. Some might even feel like desisting from eating because of the presence of a decayed tooth. Decayed tooth should be removed. But before extraction, what all should be done? Dr. Thayappan talks on the issue ...

1. Whatever be your problem, when the dentist puts questions to you, you should not hide or hold back any information.

2. Had there ever been continuous bleeding during extraction in the past? Did the tooth break while extracting? Did the injury remain without healing for a long time? Did you swoon? You should give all these information if there were any during your previous experience.

3. You should not go with an empty stomach while going for extraction. Especially, those with sugar problem should go to the dentist for extraction after taking food only.

4. It is always better to take somebody with you. It will help you psychologically and give you courage and mental strength. Also, it’ll be helpful in the sense that if you happen to forget some of the medical advice and instructions given by the dentist to you after extraction, your companion might remember them and might help you recall and follow them up.

5. If children are involved in tooth extraction, it should be done only with the consent of their parents.

6. Some people might come with swollen gum for extraction of tooth. The swelling might have been due to some gum problem. They might insist on extraction despite the swelling. But the dentist will refuse to extract because the puss inside the swollen spot would neutralize the action of the numbing agent. The dentist will remove the puss and will give some tablets to the patient. Then only, the doctor will do the extraction.