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Shun Taking Fast Food and Save Children

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There is a drastic change in snacking habits among youngsters. More number of children, young adults and even elderly people prefer fast food instead of the home-made healthy snacks.

Present scenario

Unlike yester years there is a total change in family set up. More number of the married couple prefer to have a separate living instead of living with the parents. Similarly, most of the city parents having retired with adequate support income are no more interested to manage the household duties and the grand children as a joint family. The growing level of cost of living has made it mandatory for both the husband and wife to go for employment to manage the household expenses. Also, the education has empowered more women to work along with men in every sphere of activity. With no one to care, manage and feed the children at home, more and more parents prefer fast food items as a step gap arrangement between meals at home.

Food items included in Fast Food List

Most of the preferred fast food items include potato chips, flavored wafers bread, pasta and noodles, pizzas, doughnuts and cakes.

Ingredients that go in Fast Food

Maida is used in making most of the preferred fast food items. The quick absorbance attribute of Maida immediately improves the energy level but continue to keep the repletion value at a low-level, thus necessitating increased level of intake. The Maida made fast food items has the higher level of fat and salts, does not include fiber and have the property to increase the blood sugar level.

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