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Normally, we don’t take much care to see what kind of food we eat, what are the nutrients contained in them etc. We feel satisfied with just fulfilling our hunger. A balanced diet ensures a long and healthy life. Diabetics have restrictions in food and we are well aware of this fact. But even normal people can follow this diet to get good health and longevity. Krithika Radhakrishnan tells us about the diet prescribed for diabetics …

Diabetes is not a very serious problem. If diabetics follow the restrictions in food, they can lead a normal life. They can practice meditation and yoga too daily. Too much of oil in food always causes problems to health. We require only three teaspoonfuls of oil per day. Using non-stick vessels for cooking is the best way to avoid excess oil. Steam-cooked food is very good. Fries should be avoided. Skimmed milk is good. Fatty things such as coconut should not be included in the food often. Our food has been divided into seven categories – grains, pulses, vegetables, fruits, milk, fat and meat. We should stick to the quantity prescribed for each item to get a healthy body.


Include any one of the items given below in the prescribed quantity.

Bengal gram powder– 1/3 cup (uncooked); black karamani – 1/3 cup (cooked); Bengal gram – 1/3 cup (cooked); chana – 1/3 cup (cooked); red gram – 1/3 cup (cooked); green gram – 1/3 cup (cooked); broken green gram 1/3 cup (cooked), Rajma – 2/3 cup (cooked)

We get 100 calories, 17 gm carbohydrate, 7 gm protein and some fat in the above listed quantity of pulses.

Soya chunks – 2/3 cup; soya powder – 1/3 cup; broken Soya – ½ cup; soybean – 1/3 cup, Black gram – 1/3 cup, mochai – 1 cup.


Include any one of the fruits given below at the given quantity once in a day. We get 40 calories, 10 gm carbohydrate, 1 gm protein and some fat.

Apple – ½ cup, plantain – 1/8 cup, naval – 7, sapota – 1/3 cup, Sita fruit – ¼ cup, guava – ½ cup, melon – 1 ½ cup, orange – ½ cup, papaya – ½ cup, pear fruit – 2/3 cup, pine apple – ½ cup, pomegranate pearls – ½ cup, strawberry – ¾ cup, sweet lime – ½ cup, watermelon – 1 ½ cup.