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The amazing umbilical cord therapy

Mr. S. Abhayakumar, chairman, Life Cell International, Kalyanamalai Matrimony Magazine - Health Tips - The amazing umbilical cord therapy

Diseases are the enemies of mankind as well as of other lives. New diseases keep appearing and suitable medications are discovered after long years of research. Today, the phrase ‘Stem cell’ is becoming common and more and more people are coming to know of it. The umbilical cord is the connector of the fetus to its mother. Nutrition from the mother reaches the fetus through this cord. When the child is pushed out of the uterus and touches the earth, the doctor cuts off the umbilical cord in the first place. Stem cells are obtained from the blood from this cord. These cells are being used in the treatment of various diseases today. This method, which has been in practice since so many years in Western countries, was introduced to India a few years back only.

Mr. S. Abhayakumar, chairman, Life Cell International says, “We are the first people to start stem cell bank in India on commercial basis. Our company tops the list in this field. We started our company in technical collaboration with Cryo Cell International, an American company. We are proud to say that we bank the largest quantity of stem cells at the global level. The child will not have any problem due to collecting the blood from its cord as otherwise it is drained naturally. The blood is collected in specifically made preservation bags and is preserved at -196 degree C.

Kalyanamalai Matrimony Magazine - Health Tips - The amazing umbilical cord therapy
The blood can be preserved for years. The stem cells are used in treating around seventy-five diseases including cancer. Especially in the treatment for blood cancer, stem cell treatment will be very effective. Diabetics can benefit through stem cell treatment of their pancreas, it is hoped. Still researches are being conducted on these points. Serious problems including blood-related problems, heart and kidney problems can be successfully treated with stem cell therapy. Stem cell blood is a life-saving wonderful natural gift. In foreign countries public stem cell banks are functioning. Everyone should know about stem cells and their wonderful benefits.”