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Varan Thedum Peruvizha
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Dear All Greetings!

Most of you may be aware that Kalyanamalai has arranged 'Varan Thedum Peruvizha' program on all the four Sundays during February 2015. The program is arranged in two places in Chennai and in one place each in Coimbatore and Trichy. You may be wondering why Kalyanamalai should arrange such programs.

We find visible changes, in the expectations of the marriage seekers about their future life partners. Also, certain issues related to marriage underwent distinct changes gaining more importance. From the day Kalyanamalai started its services around 15 years ago, we saw gradual changes in the expectations of the marriage seekers and the parents. The changes are now almost complete and a totally different stance is taken. The expectations, which were once confined to societal background, family, education and employment of the marriage seekers, now look and reach beyond them. Marriage seekers expectations are not just confined to the standard viewpoints such as taste, attitude and approach, but go farther from it. The meanings for good character and the explanations for right and wrong also have changed.

The parents find it difficult to arrange the marriage for their son or daughter by meeting the changed attitude and expectations. Kalyanamalai has perfectly understood the situation that arranging a marriage is not as easy as buying a product using a website. It is offering an ideal alternative. to the parents as well as the marriage seekers, by frequently arranging a number of marriage helping events. The events serve as a meeting point for them to meet personally, exchange pleasantries and go further into fixing the marriage. Varan Thedum Peruvizha is one such attempt from Kalyanamalai.

We request those who are in search of a suitable bride or groom for quite some time unsuccessfully and those who have just started the process of searching to reach Kalyanamalai immediately.

The Varan Thedum Peruvizha offers you a range of benefits such as

1. 20% concession to all those register during the event

2. A list with details of matching profiles with photo and Jadhakam

3. Consultation with a well known astrologer

4. Marriage benefitting Silver Coin kept in Swayamvara Parvathi Pooja

5. A New Year Gift

Kalyanamalai continues with its multi pronged approach to assist the marriage seekers in finding their life partner quickly. The Varan Thedum Peruvizha includes all the special features to help the marriage seekers. Join the program without fail and fix up your family marriage.

Avail this best opportunity from Kalyanamalai without fail.

Kalyanamalai wishes everyone New Year and Pongal greetings.

With love
Meera Nagarajan

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