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Nalamaria Aaval is presently on telecast in the Kalyanamalai SUN TV program.

Kalyanamalai do not just want to stop with the finding of suitable bride or groom for the users and help them to form a family. It is taking efforts to improve the family life of every one and suggest ways to lead a trouble free life. One such effort is the Nalamaria Aaval program.

All of us take efforts to lead a good life and assume we lead such a life. But, are we really leading a good life, are we right in our assumptions of leading such a life? The Nalamaria Aaval program, allows us to make a self assessment of the life we presently lead.

A normal storm or Tsunami in normal context is not the result of sudden changes in climate. They are the resultant of changes in the climatic conditions, brewed over a number of years, before taking shape into a storm or Tsunami. We can remain prepared to save us from the loss or mitigate the amount of loss from such occurrences.

Similarly, all of us do not enjoy calm and trouble free breezy life. At times, we face a stormy life or Tsunami that brings a total change in our lives and make us suffer. To avoid such calamities, either we can follow a systematic and planned life to save ourselves or at least listen to the danger alarm when it is sounded to correct our path at the right time. Nalamariya Aaval, is an effort from Kalyanamalai to sound a warning bell against the ills we presently face in our daily life.

The program Nalamariya Aaval is complete with a healthy and all inclusive discussion on the topics such as Faith, Tradition, Social Ethics, Today's youth and Status of Women. Well known speakers discussed the topics threadbare, voiced their concern and offered suggestions.

Watch the Kalyanamalai SUN TV program at 8.00 AM on Sundays, without fail to listen to the suggestions that benefits.

With love
Meera Nagarajan

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