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Dear All Greetings!

Whatever may be the segment, it is always the aim of the people who run a service company, to provide 'turnkey' type of services covering A to Z of the services with least trouble to the end user.

Kalyanamalai, dedicated to the service of 'finding a suitable life partner' for its users, completes the work with utmost responsibility and social care. It focuses on its work with least inconvenience for its users.

The technical advancements while considered as boon they also become bane when get misused. All these days with a good intention to assist the parents and life partner seekers, Kalyanamalai was publishing the address and contact details of the all its members. This publication of details greatly helped the parents and others in getting the details of a prospective bride or groom. This feature was grossly misused by marriage touts and others without ethical or moral principles to achieve their business purposes. On receiving harassment complaint from a number of parents, we have stopped publishing the contact details from this issue. We assure the parents and the real marriage seekers that the devised methods will not cause any undue delay in getting the information.

Henceforth profile seekers need to call Kalyanamalai on 044-4225 4252 telephone number to get the details of the required profile. The staff at Kalyanamalai after verifying your own profile details will gladly provide the contact details of the profiles you are seeking.

Kalyanamalai has introduced this extra feature to keep your profile secure and assist early marriage at your home. We hope the the parents and the profile seekers will welcome the new arrangement that will help them. To assist you getting all the services right from the search of suitable life partner to the arranging of marriage, S2 organisation has arranged 'Kalyana Kondattam' show at Chennai Trade Center on 15th and 16th March, we invite you to participate in large numbers.

To celebrate our participation in the event and to encourage all the new registrants registering at the event, for the first time Kalyanamalai is extending 15% discount. The registrants will receive suitable profiles immediately on registration. All the new users who register for our services in any of our branches from 1st to 14th March will also get the benefit. You can also join us at the Kalyana Kondattam show organised Chennai Trade Centre on 15th and 16th March, we await to receive you there. Use this unique opportunity to join us and celebrate the marriage at your home.

With love
Meera Nagarajan

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