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Dear All Greetings!

Everyday a number of marriages gets fixed through Kalyanamalai and takes place. Each such concluded marriage brings all of us in Kalyanamalai unlimited happiness. We, especially Thiru.Mohan, will feel elated as if a marriage is arranged in our own family.

When we look at any flower it will give us a kind of joy. But some of the flowers will make us feel ecstasy and carry us away by overwhelming emotion. Similarly, though all the marriages brings us joy, some among them bring forward a kind of rare satisfaction. In that respect, the news about the fixing and concluding of marriages, to the four girls, brought up under the support of Udhavum Karangal, through Kalyanamalai, gave all of us a kind of fulfilling contentment. The marriages took place in January and February months.

We feel the service rendered by Kalyanamalai in fixing-up the marriage to the girls who had climbed every step of their life with difficulty is far more satisfying than the the service we render to others. Kalyanamalai regularly takes steps to improve its services to the users at various levels, while continuing with the ultimate aim of getting a suitable life partner to its members. In that respect it always takes greater responsibility in presenting the registered user details in the magazine, in the arranged events and in the website.

The presenting of varan contact details with photo in Kalyanamalai Magazine was always considered as a boon by the bride or groom seekers and parents. Keeping such profile seekers in mind, we we took great care to present accurate contact details, and arranged efficient distribution of magazine by incurring additional expenditure.

Unfortunately our well intended and open minded actions were exploited by the unprincipled elements. We have received a number complaints about the misuse of the varan details and unnecessary disturbance to our clients by a number of marriage touts and others. Now, on the request of our 'varan advertisers' and to protect their personal interests, Kalyanamalai magazine will display only the profile details and their photo without the contact telephone numbers. It has devised easy ways for genuine users to reach the profile advertisers and get the contact details by using SMS, telephone and recorded voice facilities.

Similar to the ways the privacy of the credit card and ATM users are protected, We have introduced some additional security processes to protect the interests of our registered users. We sincerely believe the addition procedures will only strengthen the safe profile searching ways in Kalyanamalai.

With love
Meera Nagarajan

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