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Dear All


We atKalyanamalaialways trust and follow the concept of joint prayer. It is our unshakeable belief that it is easy toaccomplishany unachievable through a joint prayer.

Marriage is always considered as a happy but a challenging affair. The challenge starts right from the day a girl or a boy get an idea to marry. It continues in identifying the right partner, confirming the mutual liking, performing of the marriage and finally its uninterrupted existence. It never was an easy task to appreciate it and keep up it.

Especially the challenges have multiplied in the modern era. Despite all the odds nearly 90% of the couple were able to choose a good life partner and marry. We believe the blessings of the god is the driving force for such an achievement.

Kalyanamalai, as a matrimonial agency, assists in the fixing of a number of marriages every day and thousands of marriages every month. It wholeheartedly believes that such a feat has become possible because its efforts always receive the blessings of god. Since,it especially believes that arranging of mass prayer for a cause multiplies such benefits, Kalyanamalairegularly organizes 'VivahaPrarthana' a joint prayer for the benefit of the alliance seekers.

We invite all the alliance seekers to attend one suchVivahaPrarthanaarranged on 8th December atJaigopalGarodiaHigh School,Tambaram. Come and take part in large numbers with your family in the specialpoojasarranged and havesangalpamperformed for an early marriage. Get yourmarriage fixed with the blessings of God.

With love
Meera Nagarajan

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