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Dear All


Kalyanamalai has assisted in the fixing and completion of Over 200 thousands marriages in all these years. Indians, especially those live in South India, always use the services of Kalyanamalai in fulfilling their marriage dreams. But, we always felt, our services will remain incomplete, unless we take efforts to reach every one of such life-partner seekers, living in various parts of the world.

Though, a good number of them register and use the web services of Kalyanamalai www.kmmatrimony.com to search their life partners, we always felt that web services alone will not complete the task. In fact Kalyanamalai always reach out to such life partner seekers personally, help them to meet the life partner of their choice, thus completing their search. It has completed thousands of marriages solely by providing such personalized services to them.

Most of the our service users from overseas countries especially those live in the USA are aware of our personalized services. We regularly used to receive telephone calls and emails from them seeking such services. Also, the office bearers of a number of Tamil Sangams in the USA always used to call us and be in touch with us. They normally will discuss the peculiar problems faced by the alliance seekers live in the USA and suggest us to extend our services in the USA for them.

In order to fullfill their suggestions and to reach out the alliance seekers in the USA Kalyanamalai organised Varan Arimugam and Mega Pattimandram programs in various cities of the USA. On October 18th the program was held in the New York, 19th at Connecticut, 20th at New Jersey. In all the cities varan arimugam programs and pattimandrams led by Thiru Saloman Pappiah were held.

When I write this letter to you on October 25th the varan arimugam program and the pattimandram program led by Thiru K Bakkiyarajis is taking place at Santa Clara Convention Center in San José California. On october 26th it will be held in Dallas and on 27th October the last of the program will be held in Houston.

Please let me meet you all again with full details about the Varan Arimuigam Shooting and Pattimandram programs held in the USA with photos in the next issue.

With love
Meera Nagarajan

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