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Dear All


The Kalyanamalai group is back to Chennai from Thiruvannamalai. The congregation we witnessed at Thiruvannamalai only strengthened our idea that people world continue to show their unstinted faith and belief in the spiritual attainment of India and its benefits.

Lakhs and Lakhs of people from all walks of life have come to Thiruvannamalai on the pournami day to perform giriwalam. This time too on the Chithra Pournami day they started the giriwalam right from 4.00 PM even before the setting of the Sun and continued it up to 4 AM and beyond in the early morning. All of them right from a three year old child to 80 plus year old lady have performed giriwalam by chanting Ohm Namasivaya with a staunch belief in the benevolent power of Annamalaiyar.

To benefit the marriage aspirants on the most auspicious Chitra Pournami day, Kalyanamalai has organised a Swayamvara Parvathi Pooja close to Varuna Lingam, at Aadhi Annnamalai. Individual sankalpams were performed to the aspirants who participated in the pooja. All of them whole heartedly prayed to the Kalyana Sundareswarer and Parvathi idols kept on the dais, to bless their family with an early marriage for their son or daughter. They then continued to complete the giriwalam after the prayer.

The giriwalam faith just proves a point that anyone who completes all the family and social obligations dutifully and faithfully with a staunch belief that God will be with him/her will be favoured by the god. Lakshs people who regularly perform giriwalam on every pournami day are the standing examples of such a belief.

Ohm Namasivayaa..

With love
Meera Nagarajan

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