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Dear All


Kalyanamalai remains a source and inspiration for a number of new happenings every day. We at Kalyanamalai always feel happy that we could meet new people and unique personalities every day.

My interactions with a number of them have stressed on a single point ie., success reaches and surrenders to those who are brought up in a good family environment, those who followed good ethics in life and made their children to understand the importance of such ethics, those who have learnt individual discipline, awareness about the society, and humanistic values from their childhood.

I always have observed that good education and wealth come to them automatically. Moreover such wealth stays and grows with them. When we see those people who have grown up in their life using their acquired morality, we immediately develop a liking towards them. Their good habits influences us to befriend them, get to know them in close corners only to enrich ourselves.

We also observe the diagonally opposite type of people and read about them in the media every day. Their name normally figure in all corruption charges, cricket gambling and others. The unaccountable wealth they earned through the illegal means neither benefit the society nor them.

Do you believe the crores of such ill gotten money they save and saved for the future generation will ever allow them to live happily? How such children who have grown up with that ill gotten money will live in peace, grow with good behaviour, remain educated and above all respect others? It can be easily inferred that such acquired black money neither help the society nor their children.

If you observe whether such money helps those who have accumulated it. You will find no as the answer. You will find that money will never come to their rescue, when they are in trouble, face arrest warrant, when they hide and go underground untraceable, or admit themselves in a hospital with a pseudo undetectable disease. When they get arrested they struggle to get even to get one good meal a day.

Then why one should accumulate the ill gotten money that do not help him/her, not the family or the society. Let us not go after the ill gotten money that assists none at the end of the day.

It is time let us think about it.

With love
Meera Nagarajan

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