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Dear All Greetings!

Recently I had two isolated types of experiences. Such experiences teach us how the times have changed and how the parents have become mentally prepared to face such changes. A middle-aged woman had been to Kalyanamalai recently in search of a bride for her son. While discussing the present day happenings, she expressed her surprise in the changed tastes and preferences of the present day generation.

She got deluged in her thoughts about her own marriage. She said 'my father has started searching for a groom when I was just 15 years. He was more worried about my birth star Moolam often considered as inauspicious. He became more stressed when two or three proposals did not materialize. I got married at the age of 18and my husband was then 28 years old. My father just brushed aside the age difference of 10 years as did not find it a big issue. Now our time has fled and I am here for the marriage of my daughter.

Similarly one more woman came to our office for a few times to fix up our wedding planner services unit Athithi to conduct the marriage of her daughter. She was from an orthodox Southindian family, and her daughter who was working in California, USA, has fallen in love with a North Indian boy from New Delhi.

She said 'both of them liked each other, now their desire is our preference and we don't want to obstruct them'. She happily said it and added 'now me and my husband have started learning Hindi to converse with our son-in-law'. The times have really changed beautifully. It is already the Tamil month of Thai. I extend my Pongal greetings to all of you with a prayer that the changed time should bring in quality and good changes in every one's life.

With love
Meera Nagarajan

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