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Dear All Greetings!

The Kalyanamalai Shooting arranged at Raja Kilapakkam under the auspicious of Kalyanamalai came off very well. The following six months from the Tamil month of Thai to Aani are most auspicious for arranging the marriages. These months are going to be crucial for those who plan to arrange the marriage for someone in their family.

The following three issues came to our mind as a priority

1. Every one who seeks for a marriage should register with Kalyanamalai
2. Kalyanamalai must offer its best of services to everyone
3. To improve the reach of our services we must extend our services to more places.

Kalyanamalai continually plans for the number two and three conditions by improving its reach and introducing additional features. But to fulfill the number one condition as an immediately measure now we announce concession in registration charges. Every new user who registers from 1st to 13th January will get 20% concession in registration charges.

Now it is easy for everyone seeking for a marriage to register with Kalyanamalai and Kalyanamalai will continue its efforts to improve and widen its services. What is more ? Your chances for having an early marriage within the next six months is brighter now.

Kalyanamalai requests everyone who is in search of life partner to be in close association with Kalyanamalai. Receive the matching profiles at regular intervals and fix your marriage.

With love
Meera Nagarajan

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