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New Year greetings to Al of you.

It has become more or less a ritual for all of us to wish each other a peaceful, prosperous and beautiful new year every year. But, it continue to be a big question mark, whether it applies to the ordinary and common man too.

Last week, on the invitation of some of the leading social organizations in Singapore self and Mr.Mohan visited the country. The people who invited us to Singapore were all worried about the change in the mindset of the present day younger generation, which postpone the marriage or try to avoid it totally. They sought our association to bring such youngsters back into the mainstream of time tested secure family set up. We went there to personally understand the situation and offer possible suggestions to reverse the trend.

It was the time when some of the Singapore Tamil groups were seen in violent agitation mood. Most of you would have read about it in papers and seen it on TV. I do not want to debate in detail about what triggered such outbreak ? who was responsible for it? and whose side was right? Moreover it did not fall within my purview. But, I was very much worried when some of those whom I met expressed their grave concern about the incidents and the serious impact such outbreak can make on the society.

Wherever we went the Tamils who had seen Mr. Mohan on SUN TV came and exchanged pleasantries with us. Similarly, a number workers, laborers and others who were employed in Singapore also eagerly talked with Mr.Mohan. But every such discussion and meeting ultimately ended on the outbreak and the anticipated consequences.

An young man with tears in his eyes said 'I came here three months ago after completing my engineering degree in Trichy. Since the agent promised me a technical job, I paid him the money and came here. But, the company which issued me the appointment order refused to take me citing no vacancy position. Presently, I am working here as a driver with the hope that I will ultimately get the job for which I received the order. But, the situation has changed now and I do not know what is in store for me. I honestly feel I could have stayed at my native place instead of coming over here and facing the uncertainty now.'

He further said "We toil here in Singapore for 10 to 12 hours every day even without the basic amenities, only to earn our meager salary and live waiting for a better job. We are aware that if we put in the same level of work at Tamil Nadu , India, probably we may lead a more comfortable life. In fact there are enough number of well paying employment opportunities in our own country.

All of us who leave to a foreign land in search of a job are aware of the fact that it is not going to be a princely life at the distant country. We still go for an employment in another country leaving our own kith and kin back at home without participating in their happiness or contributing to shoulder their problems. But the caste related problems, bribery and lawlessness prevented us from staying there and drove us all to other countries". He cried uncontrollably saying 'we do not know what is going to be our fate now'.

It is not a vociferation of a single individual. In fact he represented lakhs of our own people who move to Arab countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries out of sheer desperation feeling dejected by the prevailing conditions here. If we can find a possible answer for the young man's tears, the year 2014 will truly be a peaceful and beautiful year. I feel if our new year greetings should go beyond the ritualistic nature and blossom in to a true one, then it will spell the success for our belief in wishing Happy New Year. I pray for that success.

With love
Meera Nagarajan

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