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Dear All


The role of Kalyanamalai, in fulfilling the marriage dreams of the wedding aspirants, will always give a satisfactory feeling to the employees at Kalyanamalai. For the Board Members of the company, such an experience, in addition to giving contentment, satisfaction and pleasure, also will benefit them with a rich personal experience.

You all may be knowing about the involvement of Athithi, the wedding planning unit of Kalyanamalai, in arranging the marriages. Most of the people who choose the services of Athithi live in foreign countries. They will always look forward to buy and present the finest Indian crafts and designs to their guests at home and normally used to seek our help.

Athithi always considers its guests as gods (athithi devo bhava) and will go any length to satisfy their needs.

To meet such regular requests from our esteemed clients, recently we had been to North India and met the artisans from Bihar who produce Madhubani paintings, palm leaf products producers from Manipur, Blue Pottery makers from Jaipur, Patachitra painters of Odisha, Meenakari and Palm Leaf painters, handicraft materials makers from black clay and other specialized product creators. Each such artifacts delighted us and we all felt a sense of elation when we spoke with the artists..

We always claim that India has a rich tradition and culture. I am doubtful whether we have ever made an attempt to fully understood our own values behind such saying. It stunned us when we saw the creations of the poor artisans from the states that are still considered as backward. The impact of such creations impressed us most.

Most of us consider cinema, some form of dance and music as creative arts and continue to appreciate them. Once we take efforts to understand and appreciate our traditional artistic skills, it will help in preserving such age old rich arts and also enable the artisans to live in dignity. Let us try it.

With love
Meera Nagarajan

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